Marketing suite, Wandsworth

Clapham, London Peabody Enterprises

CLIENT: NAVIGATION PROPERTY MARKETING SUITES LOCATION: ST. JOHN’S HILL, WANDSWORTH, LONDON The St John’s Way, Wandsworth development is located in a regeneration of a 1930s existing Peabody estate directly adjacent to Europe’s busiest train station, Clapham Junction, and consists of 528 new homes. Our client Navigation Property Marketing Suites Services was directly approached on the back of several successful completed projects for Peabody and in turn we were employed by them to design a marketing suite to be located within the development site. Due to its proximity with Clapham Junction the new building required a strong presence due to an extremely high volume of potential footfall which we feel was achieved with the angled contemporary style. With all our projects we constantly strive towards sustainability and with St John’s Way we were able to achieve a high level of performance through the use of a closed panel timber frame system […]

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